NBA Star Ray Allen Is Accused Of Sexually Harassing A Gay Man – He Had To Get A Restraining Order On Ray Ray!


Ray Allen filed an emergency motion on Tuesday in Orange County, FL is response to a man who claims Allen was harassing him online… not just any man. An openly gay man who claims his relationship with Allen has been going on for years.

NBC Connecticut

That’s a red flag right there, isn’t it? If you’ve had a relationship with someone for a long time, at what point is their behavior harassment?

CBS Boston

We’ll give you both sides of this twisted story. Click on through to read more about both theories: harassment versus “catfishing.”


According to TMZ, one Bryant Coleman insists Allen has sent photos and videos knowing full well Coleman is a man. Allen says Coleman “pretended to be a woman” to get “private information.” He said, he said – how will a judge figure this one out?