There Is A New Sextape Allegedly Exposing Offset Cheating On Fiancée Cardi B! (Explosive Details)

Hollywood Life

Well, well, well…it seems Offset is a little off-putting. After being accused of cheating during the holidays, it seems there is more cause for Cardi B to hand that bling of a ring back since two alleged sex tapes had been leaked on Twitter yesterday.

We’re saying the Cardi B’s fans reactions say it all. We’re waiting to hear from Cardi herself to see if the woman is going to take this sort of treatment from a man who she treated like a king with gifting him a Wraith for his birthday on top of other many things. reports, “TheShadeRoom announced news of the alleged sextape and revealed that it’s accessible through searching the Offset hashtag on Twitter. The man in both videos was visibly nude and sported dreads similar to the ones worn by the Migos rapper, but the footage wasn’t clear enough to confirm whether or not it was Offset.”

We’re guessing that after Cardi B made a declaration to Offset in front of fans last week,“You do that sh*t again, you gon’ lose your wife,” that she might be dropping that ring pronto. That is if the videos are in fact of Offset which everyone is 99% sure the man in the videos is indeed the rapper.