Nicki Minaj Announces When Her “Chun-Li” Music Video Drops And Gives Us A Preview Of Her New Thickness (Pics)

IG: NickiMinaj

Remember earlier this year when no one knew where Nicki Minaj was? She practically fell off the face of the earth. It happened around late, late December — she just stopped posting to her social media accounts and she stopped making public appearences.

There were some rumors that she was at a drug rehab facility, there were other rumors that she was recovering from plastic surgery, but no one knew exactly what was going on with her.

Then without warning last week, on March 29, Minaj dropped a Mercedes-Benz commercial on her IG account that was actually pretty cool — it had a nice “Funky Drummer” beat and everything. And that was the sign that she might be coming out of hiding. And now, with her latest post yesterday, it’s official — Nicki Minaj is campaigning for a full return to the spotlight.