From NWA Vs. Ice Cube To Jay-Z Vs. Nas: The Greatest Rap Beefs Of All Time

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Authors and poets throughout time have been known to verbally spar with one another in their works. This is a well documented tradition during the height of Italian medieval poetry with even the legendary Dante taking part (there’s more than one type of shade to be found in Inferno). And it continues with the greatest and most prolific poets of the modern era: rappers. In no particular order, we bring you the top beefs in rap history so far.


Ja Rule was all over the charts back in the early aughts with hit singles featuring vocals from J. Lo and Ashanti. Enter 50 Cent’s breakout album in 2000, Power of the Dollar, whose success was bolstered by the artist surviving a shooting. 

50 Cent rightfully called Ja Rule out as only pretending to be hard and then drowned him out on the charts. Meanwhile, Ja Rule was sentenced to 2 years in jail for tax evasion. His post release album garnered no sales or attention. The two continue to beef on social media despite neither having a great career right now.


This is only the first of Ice Cube’s appearances on this list, by the way. Although he’s currently starring with Common in a Barbershop sequel and the two seem buddy-buddy, they actually have a beef that goes way back to the early ’90s.