It’s Official: Floyd Mayweather And Connor McGregor Will Fight In A Historic $400 Million 12-Round Boxing Match — (Here Are The Vegas Odds)

The Sun

TMZ sports has reported that the long-awaited fight between boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather will be facing off in the ring with current UFC champion, Irishman Connor McGregor. The tabloid spoke with UFC President Dada White, who confirmed the rumors and shared some inside details.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Dana White says that the two men will be boxing 12 rounds, at 154 lbs. Both men will be using relatively light-weight 10 lb gloves.

Scrap Digest

Since signing on in 2012, Connor McGregor has done big things in the UFC. He drew the biggest pay-per-view audience in MMA history and also holds the record for one of the fastest victories in the short history of the sport, at just 13 seconds.