It’s Official: Floyd Mayweather And Connor McGregor Will Fight In A Historic $400 Million 12-Round Boxing Match — (Here Are The Vegas Odds)


Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is considered by many to be one of the greatest boxers in history. He was undefeated in his career at the professional level and as an ametuer, won a bronze medal at the 1996 Olympics.


The match will take place at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, though tickets are not yet on sale and haven’t even been priced. Assuming Mayweather, at 40 years old, is still in good shape, this fight between these two champions could be an exciting one. Floyd also doesn’t get out of bed for just any lump some, so prices are sure to be steep.

Rolling Stone

In fact, Dana White says that he expects McGregor to make $100 million for the fight, but he wouldn’t go into any more detail than that. Floyd allegedly wants double or triple that, although the actual amount has not yet been disclosed.