Offset Threw His 3-Year-Old Daughter A Lavish Birthday Party & Cardi Was Not Invited, But His Baby Mama Was (Pics)

IG: iamcardib / Twitter: z3photography

You almost gotta admire Offset. He’s in the middle of a drama-filled tornado swirling with thirsty thots claiming he’s either gotten them pregnant or that he’s partying with them behind his fiancée Cardi B’s back.

And this is all happening while his Cardi is pregnant with what will be his fourth baby, and he’s out there having a pony party for one of his daughter’s birthdays.

Good for him though — he’s stepping up to the plate by throwing his daughter Kalea a lavish third birthday party, complete with a princess theme and ponies. Better yet, he seems to still be on good terms with Kalea’s mother, Shya L’amour.