OJ ‘The Player’ Simpson Was Photo’d Partying And Getting Laid Last Weekend By Multiple White Women — Are They Ever Gonna Learn? (Pics)

New York Daily Mail / People

OJ Simpson has basically been trouble since the ’90s – after nearly two decades of being in court or jail, what else would he do during his first few nights of freedom? If you were him, wouldn’t you want to go and get some action?


Depending on whether or not you believe OJ Simpson murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Simpson, and Ron Goldman, you might have a different reaction to finding out he’s out on the town. Do you think some women would want to spend time with him for his infamy?


Or, do you think there are women out there who think he’s innocent and looking alright for a guy in his ’70s? Click on through to learn more and to see how The Juice celebrates freedom.

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About ten years ago, Simpson was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. If you heard about that story at the time, were you even more convinced he was up to no good back in the ’90s and, possibly, capable of murder?