Oops, Obama Accidentally Spilled The Tea On The Sex Of Bey And Jay’s Twins

Newsweek / BET

Either this is wishful thinking, or, maybe the former President Obama knows something we don’t about the eagerly anticipated birth of Beyoncé’s and Jay Z’s twins! He let a little something slip in a video he took of congratulations for Jay Z’s induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame last night! What do you think of what he said?


People have been losing their s*** lately thinking Beyoncé had gone into labor this past Wednesday. She apparently showed up at the UCLA hospital and shut down the 5th floor – familiar protocol from when her first child was born. You know why she probably wasn’t in labor at that point, right?


E! News reported the sister of Queen Bey was out and about the same day doing perfectly normal, Wednesday afternoon types of things. Solange had a lunch out with her husband at Gracias Madre. If your sister was in labor, would you be lounging around eating enchiladas? Unless…