Paula Patton Claims Robin Thicke Beat Her During Their Marriage And Is A Broke Drug User As Bitter Custody Battle Rages On!

Actress Paula Patton has won temporary custody of the six-year-old son she shares with singer Robin Thicke, after her mother was forced to call the police on the “Blurred Lines” hitmaker when he showed up and demanded to see their child earlier this month. 

Shocking details are now emerging over the former couple’s allegedly abusive relationship, after court documents filed in the custody case were made public. In the papers, Patton, 41, claims that Thicke, 39, has been a long-time drug abuser, cheated on her shamelessly and even beat her on occasion.

But Thicke himself said that he believes the sudden custody fight stems from Patton’s anger that she wasn’t invited to his father Alan Thicke’s funeral this past December. “I believe Paula’s sudden ardent opposition to me spending time with Julian is a product of residual anger she holds toward me,” Thicke wrote.