People Are Dragging “Sister, Sister” Actress Tia Mowry Over Her Bathing Suit Photos, But She Still Looks Fine To Us (Do You Agree?)

Twitter: @FarrahGray_

Tia Mowry, famous for the hit tv series Sister, Sister was photographed taking swim while on vacation in Hawaii. Apparently people are dragging her for leaving the house without photo-shop.

Tia Mowry is most famous for her role as Tia on Sister, Sister. Tia and her real-life identical twin sister Tamera played sisters separated at birth, who reunite later and subsequently wreak teen daughter havoc on their parents and a boy named Roger next door.

The show was so beloved that it solidified Tia and Tamera in the hearts of 90’s kids everywhere. Both twins have managed to remain working in Hollywood ever since, although neither ever did anything quite as popular.