Pepa Of Salt-N-Pepa Is Put On Blast For Stealing Pregnant Woman’s Husband (Details)

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Well, this is messy, but what do you expect when you steal a man away from a pregnant woman? In the big book of life, when you steal a pregnant woman’s man, expect the worst and that’s exactly what’s happening to Pepa for Salt-N-Pepa.

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So here’s what’s happening: A pregnant lady from Houston named Jordyn Taylor is putting the 51-year-old Pepa, aka Sandra Denton, and her husband, Aundre Taylor, on public blast for having a full blown relationship, while he’s STILL married.

Here’s the crazy part: Taylor claims that Denton was her husband’s “boss” and while the couple just had their twins — yes, twins — less than three weeks ago and he tried to make Pepa the “godmother!” The nerve of some cheaters!