Phaedra From The Atlanta Housewives Is Now Dating a Hot, Rich And Famous Hollywood Actor (Exclusive Pics)

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It looks like Phaedra Parks has a new man, and people are talking about who it is. But is it true love for the reality TV star? Or is this just a mad and thirsty grab for attention?

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As a member of the main cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta from seasons 3 to 9, Phaedra Parks’ personal life has been all over the news for a long time. And this new gossip is juicy.

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The reality star split with husband Apollo Nida a few years ago. The businessman and his ex wife reached a divorce settlement, and now it is officially time for Phaedra to move on. Click next to read more.


And Phaedra definitely moved on to bigger and better things, if the rumors are true. You will not believe who her new man is. You know we have to dirt, so keep on reading.