Pop Star Fergie Just Revealed Her New Post Surgery Face And Some New Backside Lady Lumps Too! (Booty PICS)

Hawt Celebs

Fergie just recently announced she’s getting a divorced and that brings out the need to change in people. For some people a new haircut will suffice, but, according to MTO, Fergie wanted more…


Fergie’s likely gone through a series of changes over the years just to keep up with the industry. Don’t you think she’s just the sort of big name artist, though, who could turn the industry inside-out and highlight what matters? Talent over appearances?


Well, whatever her goals are, she’s looking ever so slightly polished these days. Is it just her pretty face, or, do you think someone might have gotten by with a little help from a butt lift? Click on through to see how she’s looking lately!


We can all agree that social media is a curated version of reality, right? How fewer photos would there be on Instagram, you think, if it didn’t come with built in filters to bring out our best features in any light?