President Trump Wants To Sue Universities For Discriminating Against White Students

New York Daily News

Do see this man’s name in the headlines and brace for impact? Well, get your helmet, because this is going to kick you in the teeth. See that face? That’s the face you usually see on a five year old who was told he couldn’t have ice cream until after dinner. Maybe since he can tell his “promises” aren’t turning out as well as hoped, he needs to hand out SOMETHING to the more… shall we say, discriminating… of his supporters.


Trump is filing lawsuits against colleges which practice racial discrimination against white people… Unless the men who surround him got to where they are without college, looks like the nation is packed with “educated” white people to us… What’s this all about?


According to the NY Times, Trump is redirecting resources from the Justice Department’s civil rights division over affirmative action college admissions polices which discriminate against white people. This is known due to the issuance of an internal announcement document seeking lawyers interested in taking on the project. Click through to read what is actually stated in the document itself…