Prison-Bound Stevie J Allegedly Got Two Different Women Pregnant Who Are Asking For Financial Aid (He Already Owes $1.3 Million In Child Support!)

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It seems like things are going from bad to worse for our fertile friend Stevie J this. Earlier this week, Steebie was hit with a court order to go to prison due to failing to pay child support.

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Because Stevie owes so much money (over $1.3 million) to so many women in multiple states, the Love and Hip Hop star’s case became a federal matter and now he’s going to be headed off to prison for an undetermined amount of time.

IG: hitmansteviej_1

But his bad news doesn’t end there. There appears two be two more women that claim Stevie impregnate them, and now they want a cut of the cake too. But who are these women who came out of the woodwork literally overnight?