Prison-Bound Stevie J Allegedly Got Two Different Women Pregnant Who Are Asking For Financial Aid (He Already Owes $1.3 Million In Child Support!)

IG: wesoflymagazine

The first mystery women is someone who goes by the name of MizJelly (above) on Instagram. She left a comment under the trailer for Stevie posted on his IG account for his upcoming VH1 reality show.

She got nasty about the allegations, too. “They round here advertising this sh*t,” Mizjelly wrote. “They need to advertise the fact that Stevie J has a baby [on the way] and it running from his responsibility.” Then she left him their message.

IG: hitmansteviej_1

“You are a old-ass fraud,” Mizjelly says in a IG Live video she made for Stevie after he blocked her from his account. “All you do is pimp b*tches, you take b*itch’s money, you a mother***king broke ass, you ain’t got sh*t, you ain’t got no mother***king money. That’s why you behind [on child support].