Radio Personality Claudia Jordan Is Claiming Donald Trump Refused To Bang Omarosa But He Allowed Her To Give Him “Top”

The Daily Beast

Uh-oh, you guys! Looks like there might be trouble in that serene paradise we call The White House – did Trump just get a BJ from Omarosa?!?!


A mutual friend of both Omarosa AND Trump may have just spilled the beans on yet another presidential no-no.  Claudia Jordan – a Radio and TV personality – just announced on her hugely popular “Unstabl’d” podcast that she heard some juicy tea from reputable sources on relations between Omarosa and Trump.

New York Post

Claudia claims that, Trump is more of a House Negro type of woman . . . he wants a light-skinned chick.”  She says it is because of this that Trump REFUSED to sleep with Omarosa and was only open to getting some presidential head.


What do you think of all this??  I personally can’t wait to hear what Omarosa has to say on the matter – especially because of Trump’s accused racism. Click next to learn more!