Rapper Cardi B Totally Melts Down On Twitter After She’s Exposed For Calling Black People ‘Roaches’ And Gay People ‘Tranny’s’!

Cardi B. is in a bit of hot water over some old tweets of her’s someone dug up. The content of the tweets, according to fans and foe’s of Cardi’s alike, has significant racist undertones.



Cardi B is known for her outspoken and -at times- crude ways of talking. Her brashness is one of her most endearing qualities, and she has tried to fix her problematic language, when called out, in the past.


A fan of her’s recently posted a bunch of receipts in which Cardi B has called black women “roaches.” She has a history of using this word and even called one of her Love & Hip Hop co-stars a mayate – which is Spanish for “black cockroach.” Click next to hear more!