Rapper Jim Jones Challenges 50 Cent To A Fight As Fiddy Continues To Clown His Manhood On Instagram (Details)

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After nearly an uncomfortable month of trading shots on Instagram, 50 Cent the nasty troll has finally gotten a response from rapper Jim Jones, by and large, a defenseless target. 50 Cent has been trying to pick a fight with Jones for no apparent reason either.

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The feud between the two rappers began friendly at first, but the friendly joking turned into cruel 50 Cent poking fun at Jim Jones’ fitness selfie. Jones, smartly, chose to ignore the quips, and nothing came of it for nearly a week.

But 50 crossed a like yesterday. When Jones when posted this heartfelt message to his dearly beloved “wifey” Chrissy Lampkin, 50 saw an opportunity to sh!t on Jones, and took it.