Rapper Jim Jones Was Photographed On The Beach With His Fiancee And She Looks Hot! She’s 46 (With No Plastic Surgery!)

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If you’re a fan of the We TV show “Vow or Never,” you’re familiar with the long, tortured drama between Jim Jones and his fiancee, Chrissy Lampkin. People have been dragged along through their saga wondering if they’re ever really going to get married. Based on her recent Instagram post, it looks like Chrissy is trying to make an interesting point in her favor…


You have to admit, her fake modesty aside, she looks pretty damn good for a 46-year-old woman who has allegedly never gone under the knife to improve her appearance. She’s in a black one-piece and Jim? Well, he’s looking a little bored for a guy who has beauty like this draped all over him, doesn’t he?

Yeah I’m both👅😩

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Then again, his decision are sort of the punchline for much of the show, aren’t they? Remember back in 2016 when he blasted a fan for saying he’d never be good to Chrissy if they ever were to marry? We’ll refresh your memory…