Rapper Jim Jones’ Thick Fiancee Chrissy Was Looking Like A Damn Snack At The BET Hip-Hop Awards Show Last Night (Jim Is One Lucky Man!)

MTO / Instagram

As much fun as these two do seem to have from time to time, how much longer are they going to stretch out planning a wedding? Maybe once they come up with a compelling spin-off show?


Because, once Jim Jones and fiancee Chrissy Lampkin take that long walk down the aisle, “Vow or Never” becomes “Til Death do us part.” Do you think people will still want to know how married life suits them after the nuptials are toasted?


Show analytics aside, Jim Jones has GOT to feel like he has it pretty good. He’s managed to not get married and still have an insanely hot woman by his side. Check out some of their couple moments over time and then click on through to see how hot Lampkin was looking at the BET Hip Hop Awards the other night!


How do they do it? Time hardly seems to touch these two, don’t you think? Does it seem like Jones picked an expression years ago, figured it worked, and just stuck with it for photo ops?