Rapper Kevin Gates Is Just Days Away From Getting Out Of Prison — For Real This Time (Details Inside)

TMZ / NY Daily News

Kevin Gates is getting out of prison – again! He’s been told this good news before, so, he might just have his fingers crossed that there are no snags this time…


Let’s do a little recap of Gates and how much time he’s been doing since 2015… Do you remember what landed him in the slammer in the first place?


The energy on stage when you’re performing can be disorienting – there’s a crowd of people calling your name and reaching out for you. Might be a little easy to feel invincible, like you can do anything and no harm will come to you.


Thing is, what does it say about a performer if your reaction to an adoring fan is to kick her in the chest? It’s one thing to think you can fly and maybe jump into the crowd… getting violent with a stranger who likes you is another story… Click next to hear how this one might end!