Rapper Kodak Black Just Got Engaged But There Was No Wedding Ring, Instead He Proposed With A Stack Of Hundreds!


So guys, if you’re wandering how exactly how you should propose to your lady friend this holiday season we suggest that you take the following story as prime example of what not to do. Kodak Black and his girlfriend Cuban Doll got engaged last night.


Or did they? We can’t tell if there just fooling around for the ghetto of it.You can see for yourself here.


So, Ladies, would you be charmed if your man threw money, condoms, and lifesavers on the floor from his pocket while proposing to you. Perhaps the pulling you down to your knees would swoo you instead? Not ranking high in our book of win-overs!


Cuban Doll wasn’t offered an engagement ring in it all, like most proposals include. No, why give a ring when you can give a thrown stack of money instead. Just watch out for the condoms!