Rapper Kodak Black Just Got Engaged But There Was No Wedding Ring, Instead He Proposed With A Stack Of Hundreds!


But hey if it makes them happy, then heck, we’re just tickled for them! We’re wondering which casino they are going to for their honeymoon?

Would You Marry Me 💍 🥃

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We just find it somewhat humorous that Kodak Black can post the question with a ring emoji on the Instagrams but when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, he throws rubbers and money instead! Such class, bravo!

Kodak Black Kill Bill

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In case, you were wondering what Kodak Black and Cuban Doll’s getaway car for the ceremony might be we think this might be it. It would be perfectly themed following such a proposal after all.

Too cold💖 #cubandoll

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It seems Cuban Doll is trying her hand at rapping as well. What do you think of her skills? She definitely has enough wigs to show for it.