Out Rapper, Milan Christopher Boldly Claims 60% Of All Male Rappers Are Gay, 80% Of All Entertainers Are Bi

Us Magazine

Out-and-proud rapper Milan Christopher has just stepped out to make some pretty bold and earth-shaking statements about the hip-hop community. Are your favs trapped in the closet?


Milan Christopher just did a breathtakingly beautiful (and VERY NSFW) photoshoot with Paper Magazine. If you recall, Paper was the one that did Kim Kardashian’s “Break the Internet” shoot;” and they do not believe in towing the line.


The spread features the stunning, Adonis-esque Christopher in a motorcycle body shop (no pun intended) in a variety of suggestive positions. For a rapper to be openly gay in the first place is HUGE, and brave, and should be admires; on top of that to participate in a shoot like this that requires him to be beautiful, and vulnerable, is truly inspirational.