Did Rapper Trick Daddy Get Tricked? He Posted A Gorgeous Model On His IG Only To Find A Big Bulge In The Front Of Her Bikini!

Trick Daddy has been seeing a model. The 43-year-old rapper recently shared a photo of the woman he’s been seeing on his Instagram and she’s gorgeous!


People are freaking out about the pictures, though, because of what they suspect is a penis. The woman in the photo very well could have a penis; she could also just have a large and prominent mons pubis (the area where pubic hair grows) and labia majora (the outer lips, aka the saloon doors to wonderland).


If you really think about it; you fall in love with people, not parts. If you found this beautiful woman attractive before you thought to worry about her genitalia, then you found her attractive. Period. Click Next to see what everyone’s talking about!