Real Life “Coming To America?” A DC Girl Met A Disguised African Prince At A Club And Ended Up Marrying Him!

MTO / Paramount Studios

Do you think it’s a fairy tale come true when you hear about a prince in disguise falling in love with an ordinary woman? The woman finds out he’s a prince and they run off to a far away kingdom to be married and live happily ever after?

Paramount Studios

Remember that scene at the end of the movie “Coming to America” when Eddie Murphy’s character tells his new princess he would still renounce his throne and wealth for her if she asked him? She didn’t take the deal and neither did Ariana Austin!

Meridian International Center

Austin works at the Executives’ Alliance for Boys and Men of Color as a philanthropist professional. When she went out to a night club with friends, she could not have possibly known her prince would be waiting for her! Click on through for her story!

NY Daily News

Austin went out to the Pearl nightclub in Washington D.C. about 12 years ago and Joel Makonnen approached her. They hit it off pretty quickly and it took Makonnen about the same time as Eddie Murphy to identify the woman of his dreams.