This Is The Reason Why Cops Touch Your Tail Light When They Pull You Over

Life Aspire

Well, hopefully you’ve been such an A-class citizen you have never had to experience the situation of being pulled over! But we can pretty much guarantee that 99% of us have had the unfortunate circumstance happen at least once!

SOO when you have been pulled over, have you noticed that the police tap your taillight on the way to your window? It’s okay, because we didn’t either but apparently it’s a thing!

Popping the taillight might seem like just an act of intimidation on the cop’s part but it has been an act that’s been around since the police first started patrolling the streets.

The act of taillight popping started in the 60s and 70s with the radical crime waves that were happening. It was a regular occurrence for cops to be ambushed by radical groups.