After All The Recent Drama Tyrese Misses An Important Court Date And Visitation With The Daughter He’s Fighting For Because He Was In London Doing Yoga! (Pics)

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By now, you have probably heard about how Tyrese is going through some baby mama drama and a custody battle. It has been looking pretty grim for the singer and actor.


His famous pals Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith even donated a chunk of change ($5 million to be exact) to help Tyrese with his legal fees. It must be nice to have such good, and rich, friends.

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But it looks like Tyrese’s story is about to get a lot more complicated. Buckle up, you know we have the dirt and it will come at you after you click next.


Tyrese and his ex wife, Norma, have been battling over the custody arrangement of their daughter, Shayla. Norma has been slinging nasty allegations at Tyrese as he attempts to defend his good name and his relationship with his daughter.