After All The Recent Drama Tyrese Misses An Important Court Date And Visitation With The Daughter He’s Fighting For Because He Was In London Doing Yoga! (Pics)

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Tyrese has said that these allegations have gotten in the way of his professional success. It turns out that this story gets even messier. Click next to read more.

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Tyrese has been feuding with Norma and also his Fast and the Furious co star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But perhaps Tyrese does not have the moral high ground we once thought.


Tyrese recently missed a court date in this custody battle. Why? He was IN LONDON at a YOGA RETREAT. What is he thinking?? Is his downward facing dog more important than Shayla?


Tyrese is currently allowed monitored visits with his daughter, Shayla, on Saturday, Monday, and next weekend. We do not know for sure if he got back from his UK yoga retreat (side eye to end all side eyes) in time to see his DAUGHTER.