Remember When Drake Curved Madonna? Well He Did It Again — Check Out This Footage Of Him Curving This Beautiful Hollywood Actress! (And She Was Bad Too!)

Vanity Fair / Hollywood Life

Drake proved to us that even beautiful actresses like Bresha Webb can be turned down. Bresha was owning the dance floor at the Golden Globes after party on Sunday night when she asked Drake for a dance.


The bubbly star of NBC’s hit show Marlon suited on some good ole’ courage and sashayed her way over to Drake. Well, Drake did the good ole’ fashion AVOID and EVADE in return. Catch it for yourself below!

In response to The Shade Room’s posting Brenda quipped, “Listen, I’m on The Shade Room for asking Drake for a one dance. All I wanted was one dance. It was my favorite song. I could be on The Shade Room For a lot of things.”


She also let us know, “I wasn’t asking for his number. I wasn’t asking to smash. I was in a happy place. I was at the Golden Globes.” We hear ya, girl! We would ask Drake for a dance too if we were grooving at the Golden Globes!