Remember That Pop Star Ke$ha With The Flat Booty? Well, It Ain’t Flat Anymore — She Went From No Cheeks To A Kardashian! (Exclusive Pics)

Us / MTO

Ke$ha is a voice to be reckoned with these days. She has become a stalwart voice of empowerment for women. But forget all of that because you people want to know about her booty instead!

Radar Online

It was rumored a few years ago that Ke$ha received butt implants. Now it seems the implants have dropped which happens after a few years. Guess that gives a whole meaning to let the booties hit the floor! Oh wait, that’s let the bodies hit the floor but still!


Rumors were sparked when there was a very marked difference between pictures at the beach and a concert a few months after. It must be hard to be in the spotlight constantly and have everyone literally staring at your butt.

Radar Online

Radar Online made it a point to post photos of Ke$ha enjoying some waves at the beach to show the star’s body shape and “lack” of curves. Ke$ha has definitely developed some thick skin for sure over all the speculations and words about her body. If you ever want to develop a body image issue, become famous!