Remember Pregnant “But I’m a Black Girl” Star Whoa Vicky? Well She Dumped Her Black BF To Raise His Baby With Her New White BF

Instagram / imwoahvicky

If you need another reason to add to your list of proof that the world has gone mad, just listen to what’s going on the world of Whoa Vicky. Do you remember this IG model and her boyfriend Tyrone?


Well, the two had a decent run publicized on her Instagram page which was witnessed by 1.2 million followers. Are you one of her followers and have you seen what’s been going down lately?


The fairy tale is over, it would seem, and there’s someone new in Vicky’s life… and we’re just talking about the baby, for starters. Vicky kept it to herself for a minute, but, she’s starting to show and she’s not “hiding” anymore.

She posted this video of her baby bump right around the same time she had things to say about her relationship falling apart. To learn more about how she’s going to move on with her life, Click Next!