Remy Ma Just Fired Tamar Braxton’s Shifty Husband Vincent Herbert For Being A Horrible Manager

IG: mizrahi__

Remy Ma has called the shots in canning Vincent Herbert from the role of manager. Way to go, Remy!

TMZ has revealed that Remy fired Vincent when she felt he was sucking up trying to repair his relationship to Tamar rather than furthering Remy’s career by actually doing his job. He has definitely come up way short on his promises to be a “super manager” by booking zero shows or studio time for the female super-rapper!

It sounds like Vincent was just sitting on his job doing squat. And when we say squat, not even doing squats at that!

It’s definitely a messy situation with Tamar filing for divorce and baby mama allegations thrown at Vincent. Who would want a cheating soon to be ex-husband as their manager anyway??? It was just time before Mr. Herbert was canned and rightly so!