A (Very Rich) NBA Fan Dropped A Record-Amount Of Money For 2 Floor Seats In Last Night’s Warriors/Cavs Final

eBay / ESPN

An extremely rich fan just dropped a record amount on two court-side seats to the Warriors/Cavaliers NBA finals. The staunch rivalry has gone on between these two teams for years; this is their third time facing off in the finals, so it makes sense why this game, in particular, is such a big deal.


If the NBA finals seems to go on forever, it’s because they kind of do. The final two teams do a best of seven series to determine who takes the whole thing home. This face/off has been plagued with injuries and b-team rosters in the past, so this was the first year both teams met at full strength.

Los Angeles Times

Fans were on pins and needles watching the two NBA dynasties duke it out on the court. One fan in particular needed to be close to the action.