Rick Ross Fiancée Lira Galore Says She’s Becoming A Christian, But First She Had To Set One Last ‘Thirst Trap’ (You’re Not Ready For These!)

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It’s debatable as to whether or not Lira Galore is actually single now, but, if she is, she’s been showing Rick Ross everything he’s going to miss on Instagram. Have you seen some of her most recent images?

Rick Ross has got to be hurting – it is painful to see all this luscious beauty. Do you remember what went down between the two of them last year?

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When Galore started talking to the press about the two splitting up, she confessed their demise is systemic among other black couples. Click on through to hear a little more about her story and what she’s been up to lately!

Galore said she didn’t feel appreciated by Ross and that’s what led to the bitter end. She felt black men, in general, don’t tend to show appreciation for their women. Do you agree?