Rick Ross Has Fully Recovered After Being Near Death The Week Before (Photos Of Him Out With His Kids)

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Rick Ross, 42, has emerged for the first time since his brush with death less than a week after he spend 4 days in two Miami-area hospitals. And you gotta admit, with all he went through, he looks pretty good.

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Less than a week ago, Ross was hooked up to an ECMO machine that was doing all the work for his lungs and heart. His family was holding vigil at his bedside and one of his baby’s mama Tia Kemp said he probably wouldn’t make it.

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His turnaround was nothing short of a miracle as he was allowed to return home this past Monday, and yesterday, he was out and about, walking around a Bal Harbour mall with his baby girl, Berkley, Berkley’s mother, and his older daughter, Toie.