Rihanna Looked Beautiful At Barbados Cropover But Of Course Social Media Haters Are Saying She’s ‘FAT’ .- We Got Close Up Pics Of Her Body and She’s Gorgeous


Rihanna will walk where most mortal women fear to tread… and maybe that’s because she’s getting bombarded online with every Tom, Dick, and Harry’s opinion about how she looks. After seeing photos of her fantastically sexy getup at Barbados Crop Over Festival yesterday, some people are actually saying she looks FAT!

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Now, human bodies are not meant to hold constantly flattering positions – if you think anyone moves in a way that is constantly attractive no matter what, you’re wrong. Skin and organs need room and, sometimes, that means, Jupiter forbid, over the lining of clothing.


If you want to see what SOME people think of RiRi’s outfit, read on! Click ahead to see the photos of the queen unprepared (and unnerved) by the camera.