After Russell Wilson Was Busted Liking Some IG Models Bikini Pics, His Wife Ciara Gave Him A Taste Of His Own Medicine! (Freaky Dress Pics!)

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Men are visual creatures. When an attractive person comes along, they are going to look. We all know that. And we all know that straight men like to look at attractive women. If you are a woman who dates a straight man, you know this already.


No matter how happy your relationship is, a man is going to look at someone attractive. That does not mean that he is not into his current lady. It just means that someone turned his head.

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And sometimes men do not look discreetly at other women. And sometimes ladies catch their men looking at hot thots. Click next to read more.


No matter how hot you are, your man might look at another woman. And that can be a crushing blow to your ego. Sometimes you have to just brush it off. But it can be very humiliating, especially if it happens in public.