Sean Hannity Of Fox News Announces Another Obama Conspiracy Which Claims There’s Subliminal “Secret Sperm” In Barack’s Official POTUS Portrait

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Now, Sean Hannity won’t straight up admit to being the racist xenophobe he is but then again, neither will David Duke, grand wizard of the KKK. Since Orwellian doublespeak has been adopted in conservative circles as the new lingua franca, let’s translate some of Hannity’s recent, bizarre statements into normal English, shall we?

Despite presenting himself as the common man who loves rural America, Sean is a New York City native who attended private Catholic schools growing up. But I guess since he dropped out of not one, but two expensive colleges, we can’t possibly label him a wealthy elitist, can we?

Well, since being educated and believing in the scientific method are apparently trademarks of the elite, I guess Hannity is in the clear. As a popular talk show host on the American Taliban’s version of E! News, Hannity is well known for spreading falsehoods and conspiracies to stoke fear of minorities and progress in his audience. 

On a network like Fox News, Hannity’s offensive mix of lies and bigotry has thrived. But his tendency to make bold, false and hateful statements goes as far back as his radio career.