This Sex Expert Says “Thinking Like A Lesbian” And “Acting Like A Man” Will Improve Any Woman’s Sex Life — Here Are Her Steps

Allure Magazine

According to sex expert Tracey Cox, men are having-on average-three times the amount of orgasms that women are. A statistic that’s ridiculous when you consider that people with vaginas are physiologically more capable of multiple orgasms than people with penises. So how do we solve this? According to Cox’s book “Becoming Cliterate,” Cox says the way to satisfying hetero sex lives lies in women’s hands.


Stop faking It
Before you resort to faking it, try speaking up and telling your partner what you like. Studies show that men actually really like being told what to do, and participating in a little dirty talk can spice things up. Something as simple as “right there” or “don’t stop” “faster, harder, just like that” are simple verbal cues to let him know how to please you. It’s time for you to start prioritizing your pleasure.


Take Control 
According to Cox, the more sexually confident, assertive, and experienced a woman is, the more orgasms she is likely to achieve. If a partner isn’t doing a good job, a more sexually open person is more likely to suggest things, change positions or tactics, and share what they do like. The more timid and insecure, on the other hand, the more likely you are to fake.