This Sex Expert Says “Thinking Like A Lesbian” And “Acting Like A Man” Will Improve Any Woman’s Sex Life — Here Are Her Steps

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Get Technical
Orgasms may seem like this intangible, magical thing, but it’s really just science. Purely anatomy and physiology. Most people with vaginas reach orgasm most easily through clitoral stimulation. Much less likely is the vaginal kind of orgasm. This is where the disparity between male and female orgasm frequency lies. Intercourse alone does not, statistically speaking, get women off.


Use His Tool As A Tool
Further proof lies in the fact that women find themselves reaching orgasm when masturbating much more easily. The solution? Use his penis as a masturbation tool. Move around. Rub your clit on it. Get yourself off. If you are thinking that will make you a selfish lover, Dr. Laurie Mintz says, “who cares?” He’s going to get his, why shouldn’t you?

Act Like a Man


Men don’t just lie there and wait for their partner to please them. Their societal privilege and encouraged sexuality allow them to be confident in their own pleasure seeking. They will grab your hair, move your head, flip you over to please themselves; or to aid you in pleasing him. Do the same to him. Sit on his face, pull his hair. If the move he’s doing isn’t cutting it, climb on top and do it yourself. “Don’t just be active, be proactive,” the book “I Love Female Orgasm” instructs.