These Sexy Haute Couture Tattoos By Marco Manzo Are Living Works Of Art

If you’re into tattoos and haven’t heard of Marco Manzo, you must be living under a rock. The Italian artist who specializes in inked lacework was recently honored at an exhibition named “Tattoo d’Haute Couture” during Rome’s Fashion Week.  During the exhibition, his clients wore elegant black dresses that showed off their intricate ink.

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Manzo’s pieces are inspired by refined Italian elegance and the Mehndi style of neo-tribal tattoos. While his work to date has gotten him international attention, praise and awards, he’s now staring to dabble in another type of tattooing…

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3D and large geometric art which are geared towards the muscular male form. Manzo says he’ll never abandon his lacework art, but he’s interested in inking both sexes.

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The only problem is that he’s almost always booked! He’s currently working at Tribal Tattoo Studio in Rome, and his schedule is booked solid for the next 5 months. If you’re planning to visit Rome this summer, you should consider booking your appointment with Manzo today!

All photos: Instagram / Marco Manzo Tattoo