Shaq And His Ex-Wife Just Dropped $1 Million On Their Daughter’s Sweet 16 Birthday Party and It Was Epic! (Exclusive Pics!)

Daily Mail

Do you think there is EVEN MORE pressure on a famous parent to throw the birthday bash of the year for their daughter who’s only going to turn her “sweet 16” once? Is it pressure or is it convenience to drop a cool MILLION for this rite of passage?

Daily Mail / Cassy Athena

Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie went all out for the 16th birthday of their daughter, Amirah, aka Mimi just this weekend. They made absolutely certain this would be a night to remember – and with a dollar figure like that, will Mimi feel the love?

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Is this a blessing – to have rich parents throw you a lavish birthday party? Or, is it fake and unable to last the test of time – time spent together on a regular basis as a family? Click on through to see the videos of the all out birthday concert they produced for Mimi.


The parents rented out a hotel rooftop for the kids to have their party in Hollywood. Do you remember your 16th birthday party?