Shot Fired! Blac Chyna Allegedly Recorded A New Diss Track Titled “F**k The Kardashians”


If you were Blac Chyna and your ex had treated you like dirt and his famous family had all kinds of obnoxious things to say about you and you’re a new mother trying to get by, would you need to vent just a wee bit? According to MTO, Blac Chyna may be getting some frustration out of her system… musically!


There’s time for inner peace – and there’s time to admit you are PISSED. While, perhaps it’s ideal to do your venting away from other people, aren’t you curious about what Blac Chyna must REALLY think about Rob and the Kardashians?


Blac Chyna was recently seen at an L.A. recording studio and she apparently laid down her own tracks. Sounds like a good, artistic way to exorcise some demons, yes? Click on through to learn what MTO dug up about those songs…