Former UFC Champion Anderson Silva Wants To Fight “This Dwarf” Conor McGregor

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Over the past several months, the drama surrounding UFC champion Conor “the Notorious” McGregor and retired boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather seems to increase every week. The two have been talking smack about each other’s fighting ability a lot. Photo: Muscle & Fitness

Although Mayweather went on television recently and said he was down to fight McGregor, we can add another name to the list of potential opponents — Anderson “the Spider” Silva. Photo: Licensed Getty Images

Anderson Silva is probably one of the most dangerous fighters in the middleweight division. The former champ is set to fight Derek Brunson at UFC 208 this February. Photo: Licensed Getty Images

Silva was interviewed in Brazil not long ago saying, “Now that I’m old, I’m beginning to challenge everyone. I want to beat this dwarf… I have this urge to test myself against him.” Photo: Instagram / Anderson Silva

Anderson said he wasn’t sure if McGregor could get to 178 lbs., but he’d like to have a few rounds with him in the octagon. And although Silva referred to him as a “dwarf”, it’s clear he has some respect for the Irishman. “I have this urge to test myself against him. I think he’s a guy who has an unusual ability,” Anderson said. Photo: Instagram / Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has had some successful fights recently. At UFC 202 he bested Nate Diaz and then at UFC 205 he knocked out Eddie Alvarez. All this talk of potential McGregor opponents is getting fans excited. Who wouldn’t want to see Conor knock the hell out of Mayweather? Photo: Instagram / Conor McGregor

Although Anderson Silva is now a bit past his prime, at 41 years-old, it wouldn’t be smart to discount the Spider. He’s shown time and time again that he as the ability to turn the fight in his favor in the blink of an eye. Photo: Instagram / Anderson Silva


Will fans every get to see McGregor against Silva, or Mayweather for that matter? Who knows? Maybe Dana does. Either way, don’t hold your breath if you are expecting to see this match up anytime soon. We can dream, right? Photo: Instagram / Conor McGregor