Someone Is Leaking Some Major Tea That ‘Broke Kendu’ Was Actually Cheating On Mary J. Blige For 10 Years With His Assistant!


Mary J. Blige has gone through the ringer of a divorce with Kendu Isaacs. The cheater has been attempting to gather 65K a month for spousal support from Mary during the court proceedings.

This is laughable especially when new evidence has come out revealing that Kendu was having, not one, but two affairs during the 10 years they were together. It makes you cringe for Mary!

Rap Up

The first affair revealed was with the musical protege Starshell. Apparently Mary was oblivious to the whole thing while it seemed pretty obvious to everyone else.

Now Mary’s personal assistant has decided to spill the beans revealing a second affair that Kendu had with his assistant who was on Mary’s dime for 10 years! Does that not make you shudder? Eckkkk!