Steve Harvey Ignorantly Told A Flint Resident To “Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water” — and The Internet Is Pissed!

TIME / Radar

You know how, after 911, Hollywood grabbed hold of a tragic, horrifying moment in American history and started making movies? Do you remember how some people said it was just too soon? Maybe comedians have stretched us a little to find tragedy funny at some point, but, Steve Harvey observes no timeline of propriety… and it’s intentional. Did you hear about what he had to say?


Heard on the radio, a man from Flint, MI called into the show. Sadly, rather than just take the call and have a conversation like a decent, grown man, Harvey saw an opportunity to ruin everyone’s day. What motivated his nasty commentary?


Well, apparently Harvey is a big Cleveland Cavaliers fan… as you may have heard, they lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals this year. The caller stepped in it when he told Harvey that Cleveland “didn’t deserve jack…” which just put Harvey on a roll…