Stevie J Has No Chill: He’s Forcing Joseline To Reveal Every Guy She’s Ever Smashed In Their Child Custody Battle

YouTube / VH1

Well, though they put on a good show for the cameras, Stevie J and Joseline are engrossed in a pretty nasty custody battle over their daughter, Bonnie Bella. You probably recall Stevie J has asked Joseline to submit to psychological evaluations in the recent past… When you hear what he’s asking for now, you’ll wonder if this is a custody battle or an application for Top Secret Clearance?


When Stevie J asked for the psych evaluation, he added Joseline could afford to pay for it herself, too, with her reality TV income. He has also asked her to submit to anger management classes for her volatile behavior. Which means what exactly…?


Stevie J has accused Joseline of physical assault and damage to property in the past. Apparently, he would point out that you can find examples of Joseline’s violent behavior during several episodes of “Love and Hip Hop.” Allegedly, the way some women get a little cranky during pregnancy, Stevie J claims Joseline was monstrous. Do you believe it?